Single Phase UPS Tower

Single Phase UPS Tower

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We provide Single phase tower floor mount ups system for critical applications such Lap Equipment’s, Medical Equipment’s, Industrial Equipment’s, ATM / Venting Machines, Server Rooms etc.. Floor Mount UPS is a cost-effective solution for maximum power protection. Tower type  / floor mount UPS commonly used in the area where network racks are not required / unavailability. Tower / Floor mount ups capacity available from 1 KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA, 6KVA and 10KVA capacity ratings.


Single phase tower ups also called floor mount ups is a cost-effective solution for maximum power protection used for critical applications, Tower type  / floor mount UPS commonly used in the area where network racks are not required / unavailability. Tower / Floor mount ups capacity available from 1 KVA to 10KVA ratings.

We offer the below ratings Tower type UPS

1KVA Tower / Floor Mount UPS

2KVA Tower / Floor Mount UPS

3KVA Tower / Floor Mount UPS

6KVA Tower / Floor Mount UPS

10KVA Tower / Floor Mount UPS

The power factor of the single phase UPS is 1.0 which means 1KVA = 1000VA. single-phase in/out, the double conversion online uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that guarantees up to 10 kW per single UPS of clean, reliable power for your critical single-phase applications.

The Single Phase Tower UPS commonly used for server room, advertising display, turnstiles, medical  lab
equipment, transportation signaling systems, ATM or vending machine. Floor mount ups is very simple to install and maintain while comparing to rackmount UPS.

1KVA to 10KVA tower ups units can be fitted with up to four external battery modules (EBMs) to extend runtime to well over two hours. Each EBM is dedicated to its corresponding UPS and setup is easily accomplished via the LCD menu.

Single Phase Tower UPS / floor mount UPS Features

High reliability
• Double conversion topology protects the load from all input disturbances
• Parallelable up to three units (6-10k only) to provide system redundancy
• User replaceable batteries
• Wide input voltage tolerance

Low cost of ownership
• Scalable runtime
• High operating efficiency
• Low installation and upgrading costs
• Compact design
• Output power factor of 1.0

Flexible design
• Multiple connectivity options
• Each UPS can be connected with up to four parallel battery modules for extended runtime
• Adjustable DC voltage and battery charger current
• Extended backup time models available
• Best power density available in the market segment

Efficient service concept
• Integrated manually operated maintenance bypass switch (6-10 kVA only)
• Easy setup and maintenance (plug and play)
• User-friendly display
• Remote monitoring options

UPS configuration
• Tower-type, IP20 UPS enclosure
• Single-phase in and out
• Online double conversion UPS
• Paralleling up to three units allows for increase of capacity to 30 kW or redundancy (6-10 kVA only)
• Operator and status LCD
• Wide voltage input frequency range
• Inbuilt batteries (B/B2 versions only)
• Maintenance bypass switch (6-10 kVA only)
• Plug-and-play

• Additional battery cabinets (EBM) for scaling autonomy time
• SNMP, ModBus and AS400 interface cards for remote control and monitoring of the UPS via a web browser
• Sensors – combined with the network interface card, environmental humidity and temperature sensors can be integrated into the system and monitored remotely
• Connectivity functionality via Winpower SNMP (network management card), mini SNMP, ModBus, mini ModBus, EMP (environmental monitoring probe), AS400 and mini AS400

Single Phase UPS

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