NiCad Nickel Cadmium Battery

We are the leading supplier of NiCad Battery. We supply Nickle cadmium battery for the project requirements in Qatar. We deal with Nickel cadmium Fibre PNE battery, Nickel Cadmium Batteries for Stationary Applications, Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate Batteries, Nickel cadmium KSH range of batteries for high power industrial applications, Nickel Cadmium Vended Pocket Plate Battery, Nickel Cadmium Fibre electrode batteries. We are the top NiCad Nickel Cadmium Battery supplier in Qatar



NiCad Nickel Cadmium Battery

  • Lighter than conventional lead acid batteries.
  • No topping-up with water required for long periods.
  • Low life cycle cost when compared to conventional lead acid battery.
  • Low initial cost when compared to Nickel cadmium sintered plate technology.
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures without damage.
  • Performs even at extremely low temperatures (less than -20 deg C).
  • Service life will be longer.
  • Number of cycles will be greater (around 3000 cycles).
  • Quick charge capability (accepts more than 90% of charge within 5 hours).
  • No change of electrolyte during its lifetime.

A reduced maintenance Nickel Cadmium batteries are developed for high temperature stationary power backup applications. The major design improvements of this reduced maintenance battery with 90% capacity is available flat at +40° C after constant charge at 1.43 V/cell in 15 hours with a charge current of 0.1 C5 A. Top-up only once during its life time under recommended operating conditions.

Nickel cadmium Fibre PNE constructed using Fibre positive and Pasted negative electrodes. The pasted negative electrode designed with high power density. It has less water consumption, thus reduces the periodicity of topping-up the cells with DI water. The sintered micro-porous separators and membrane separators provide insulation between the plates and permits free flow of the electrolyte.

NICAD Pocket Plate Battery design based on the superior Pocket Plate technology. It electrode design for Nickel NI-CAD employed the pocket plate construction which is considered to be the most reliable design.

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