KWH Meter Cabinets

KWH Meter Cabinets

  • Tested and compliant with IEC 61439-1 by using Schneider
  • Electric components like MCCB
  • Various range of meters viz. single phase, three phase and CT operated three phase meters.
  • Designed to withstand elevated temperature.
  • Customers full satisfaction in terms of dependability and
    safety for people and the installations.
  • Compliant to local regulation and other regulatory.


  • Safety of persons as well as the reliability of the installations
  • Allows protection of optimized switchboards to exactly meet your needs.
  • Easy for maintenance and testing
  • Meter readings can be taken without opening the door.
  • Energy monitoring and optimization
  • Designed as per customer needs from single meter to multi meter cabinets.


  • Individual Metering
  • Shopping Malls
  • Residential

Metering Cabinets