60KVA to 500KVA Three Phase UPS

60KVA to 500KVA Three Phase UPS

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We provide specialized UPS solutions 60kVA to 500KVA Three Phase online double conversion UPS with 415V as per QCS standards. available over a model range of 60 kW to 500 kW and can be configured to operate as a single, standalone UPS or as a multi-cabinet UPS system with up to ten UPS cabinets connected in parallel, achieving a total power capacity of up to 5 MW.


An online double conversion UPS, 60KVA to 500KVA Three Phase UPS delivers continuous power availability to network- critical infrastructures of both data centers and process control environments. Offering maximum power protection.

We supply the following capacity between 60KVA to 500KVA Three Phase UPS



100KVA UPS / 100KW UPS

120KVA UPS / 120KW UPS

160KVA UPS / 160KW UPS

200KVA UPS / 200KW UPS

250KVA UPS / 250KW UPS

300KVA UPS / 300KW UPS

400KVA UPS / 400KW UPS

500KVA UPS / 500KW UPS


High reliability
• Online double conversion technology
• Parallelable systems for increased redundancy
• Extendable backup time
• Ripple-free and temperature controlled battery chargers extend battery life time performance

Compact size
• Small footprint offers saving on expensive floor space
• Cooling air exhaust through the top of the cabinet – no rear cabinet clearance is required
(only 60–120 kW and 400 to 500 kW units)

Low cost of Solution
• Up to 96% efficiency in double conversion across a wide load range
• Up to ≥99% efficiency in eco-mode
• Rated output power factor 1.0
• Near-unity input power factor at partial and full loads

Efficient service concept
• Front access for serviceability and maintenance
• User-friendly LCD
• Remote monitoring and connectivity options

Up to 10 units can be configured in parallel to provide up to five megawatts of UPS power or redundant backup. This scalability means the UPS system capacity can be sized to match the load requirements, with the possibility to add incremental capacity later, when power needs change. The resulting savings in power usage over the service life of
the UPS are substantial.

1.0 rated output power factor means that each and every Watt of power is real power that is available for use. This helps with optimizing the complete electrical infrastructure in terms of switchgear and cabling, both upstream and
downstream from the UPS.

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