Earthing & Lightning

Polar Qatar Specialized with the safe earthing and lightning protection system. We are the leading supplier of chemical earthing, earth pit chamber, earth rod, earthing pit clamp, earthing electrode and complete Earthing and Lightning Protection system supplier in Qatar. We have ex stock earthing materials.

We Install the earthing system as per QCS standard and Kahramaa Standard. We have proven record of below one 1 Ohms earth resistance value

Our Earthing & Lightning Protection System Services

Boring / drilling below 2 meters from the summer water table

Installation of Solid Copper Rod or Copper Bonded Rod

Concrete  inception earth pit / PVC inspection pit

Earthpit Water Proofing / Earthpit Water Arrester

Conventional Lightning Arrester Supply & Installation

ESE Lightning Arrester Supply & Installation

Testing and Commissioning as per QCS and Kahramaa Standard

Existing Earthpit Testing & Commissioning and Report Generation

List of Earthing Materials

Solid Copper Rod

Copper Bonded Rod

GUV Clamp

Coupler / Coupling Dowel

Bare Coper Tape / PVC Copper Tape

DC Clips / Square Tape Clamp

Earth Pit Water Arrester

Earth Rod sealing is mandatory when the earth rod installed below the summer water table in order to avoid the water leakage where there is a possibility of water entering the inspection pit from the ground such as in basement from the earth rod especially in winter sessions

We are specialized in the earth rod water sealing with deep slab -layers, contact us for the related requirement at

Safe Earthing System

Lightning Arrester .

Earthing Materials

Earthing System