Single Phase UPS Rack

Single Phase UPS Rack

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Professional single-phase Rack mount UPS for the most demanding applications, it maintains the power for critical servers, PoS, Workstations, clusters and eliminates the incoming power disturbances. The thinnest and fully rack-tower convertible module


We provide Single Phase UPS Rack Mount UPS for Server Room,  IT  and Telecom Applications, Industrial Applications etc…. The Rack mount UPS can be mounted in the network racks and also convertible as tower UPS . The UPs digital display can be adjusted horizonal position for Rack Mount Type and Vertical position for Tower Type. Single Phase RM/RT UPS capacity start from 1 KVA to 16KVA.

We supply following capacity UPS

1KVA Rack Mount UPS

2KVA Rack Mount UPS

3KVA Rack Mount UPS

6KVA Rack Mount UPS

8KVA Rack Mount UPS

10KVA Rack Mount UPS

12KVA Rack Mount UPS

16KVA Rack Mount UPS

Single Phase Rack Mount double conversion online UPS that guarantees 1.0 Power Factor 10KVA = 10000VA, reliable power for your critical single-phase applications. As well as maintaining power to your servers, point-of-sale terminals, workstation clusters, routers, switches, hubs and sensitive electronic equipment, the rackmount ups also conditions incoming power to eliminate spikes, swells, sags, noise and harmonics.

The Rackmount UPS can be used as a standalone UPS device or installed into a standard 19″ rack configuration, with
connectivity options available for each. Three units of the 6 or 10 kW models can be configured in parallel to provide redundancy or to increase the system’s total capacity up to 30 kW. All units can be fitted with up to nine battery modules to extend runtime.

High reliability
• Reliable double conversion topology protects load from all input disturbances
• Batteries can be added or replaced easily
• Reduced recovery time from discharge
• Redundant parallel operation available
(6 and 10 kW units)

Low cost of ownership
• Unity power factor (kW = kVA)
• Scalable runtime
• High operating efficiency, regardless of loading
• Reduced installation and upgrading costs
• Compact design

Flexible design
• Configurable in tower or rack-mount format
• Rotatable display
• UPS can be connected with up to nine external battery modules (EBMs) for extended runtime
• Long backup models available
• Full set of accessories and connectivity options

Efficient service concept
• Manually operated maintenance bypass switch (optional)
• Easy set-up and maintenance (plug-and-play)
• User-friendly display
• Hot-swap user-replaceable internal batteries

UPS configuration
• Online double conversion UPS
• Unity power factor (kW = kVA)
• Efficiency in online mode up to 95%
• Efficiency in eco-mode up to 98%
• Configurable in tower format or rack-mount
• Three 6 kVA and 10 kVA UPSs (max 30 kW per system) can be connected in parallel for redundancy or extra capacity
• Cold start
• Frequency-converter operation (50 Hz or 60 Hz)
• Interfaces: USB, RS-232, potential-free contacts, EPO
• Load segmentation

• Rack installation kit allows for easy mounting in standard 19” rack
• Full-range connectivity: SNMP, ModBus (RS-485 and TCP/IP), environmental monitoring probe, relay card with I/O contacts
• External maintenance bypass
• 1U automatic transfer switch (ATS)
• High capacity external battery modules (EBMs) to scale up the system runtime (a plug-and-play cable included to connect UPS and other battery modules)

Rack UPS

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