Stainless Steel Enclosure

Stainless Steel Enclosure

Polar Stainless steel enclosure commonly knows as SS enclosure  available with custom sizes with any SS grade materials e.g SS316L. We are the leading stainless steel enclosure supplier in Qatar. We design, manufacture and supply stainless steel enclosure with required sizes and project requirements.

We will provide Material Test Certificate, Mill test certificate and design along with SS enclosure. We have supplied to many projects. Our enclosures are approved for many projects.

The Ingress protection of the stainless steel enclosures are IP 65, IP66 and IP 67. Our enclosure stainless steel enclosure suitable with Indoor and outdoor demand condition. IP 65/IP 66 compliance Enclosures as per IEC 60529 standards.

Polar SS enclosures comes with 3 modules small medium and large enclosure.

Enclosure Type & Applications

Free standing Enclosure, Wall mounting enclosure, Floor Mound Enclosure,

Hazardous Area Enclosures

Weather proof enclosures(IP 65/66)

Instrument Enclosures

Well Head Control panels

Customized Fabrication of enclosures of any size.

Volume tanks

Instrumentation Bulk

Fire Proofing for Valve & Actuators (Passive Fire Protection)

Analyzer/Sampling system Housing

CCTV Housing/Flood light Housing

Control valve internal parts

On-Off valve parts

Valve mounting kit and accessories

Stem, Plug, Trim, Cage

Control cabinets, Junction Boxes etc…


Range of custom  and standard sizes

Quarter turn locks

FIP Polyurethane gasket on door and gland plates.

Welded or screw type mounting brackets.

Internal and External earthling

Polycarbonate glass for transparent door if required

Stainless steel clip type locks

CCTV Housings

Fire Proofing boxes for Valves & Actuators

Cost effective

Supply reference across GCC

Mounting brackets

Positioner coupling device

Mounting Panel for control systems

Single Door / Double Door Enclosure

Quality Policy

Providing quality products with on-time delivery
Following effective quality management system
Practicing continual improvement
Encouraging employee involvement
Providing continuous training to employee
Fulfilling all legal and statutory requirements

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