We are the supplier of electrical chemical earthing, earth pit rod, hdpe earth chamber with cover and complete electrical earthing protection equipment system service provider in qatar.

Save Life, Livestock & Equipment from Electrical Fires  Earth Enhancing Compound as per IEEE 80 2000 Clause 14.5

  • Ionic chemicals – Salts creates ions for easy conduction
  • Dispersion chemicals – Spreads the salts equally in the earth pit
  • Expansion chemicals – Expands 18 to 20 times and removes entrapped air to create strong connection between rod and soil
  • Diffusion chemicals – Diffuses into soil pores and creates conductive silicate roots enlarging conductive zone of earth pit
  • Hygroscopic chemicals – Absorbs atmospheric & surrounding moisture and retain it in the soil

Physical Properties

  • Presentation – in granular form
  • Granulometry – 0.85mm to 4mm
  • Color/ Smell- Grey/ Inodorous
  • Volumetric Mass – 500 to 650 b Kg/m3
  • Solubility in water – Partially miscible
  • PH Value – 6.9 to 7.2 of 1000gm/lit at 20’C

HDPE Earth Pit Chamber with Cover

  • HDPE Earth Pit Chamber made of heavy High-Density Polypropylene for high strength & stress levels to absorb a maxi- mum load of 5000 kg
  • The light weight feature allows easy handling, storage and transportation, thus increase efficiency
  • Bare Copper / Copper Coated rod of 3 meters long with welded clamp (Can be customized)
  • Gunmetal Clamp / Welded Clamp / U-Clamp

Advantages & Features

  • Artificial treatment compound to reduce the original soil resistivity of the earth in order to dissipate the concentrated electrical charges
  • Achieves resistance acceptable to any International Body
  • Maintenance Free & Corrosion Free
  • Low Step and Touch Potential
  • Environment Friendly & Non-Polluting
  • Saves Electrical and Electronic equipment’s from faults for long life