Capacitor Banks

Capacitor Banks

  • Tested and compliant with IEC 61439-1 for bus bar
    systems with Schneider Electric components like MCCB
    and ACB
  • This is complete solutions for automatic power factor
    correction with microprocessor based controller,
    contactors, detuned reactors and capacitors
  • This range is composed of enclosures or cubicles with
    ventilation fans and thermostats
  • Detuned reactor tuning order 2.7 (135 Hz), 3.8 (190 Hz)
    and 4.3 (215 Hz)


  • Simple commissioning with power factor controller
  • Easy to carry, to install, to connect the wires
  • 100% factory tested prior to the delivery
  • Protection against direct contact and safety of the
    operator during the maintenance operation
  • No maintenance during the first 5 years


  • Makes savings on energy
  • Gain on utility bills
  • Limitation of pollution to the network
  • Fast action by power factor controller and the contactors

Capacitor Bank