With a proven track record, Polar Specialized technical service division offer an outstanding package of specializing products and services across Qatar. We aim to provide you with the best services in an electrical low voltage panels supply and Installations, Testing & Commissioning, Retrofit & Refurbishments, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Electrical Cable Works and also we supporting specialized PLC / SCADA / Industrial Automation Solutions, Pump with Control Panels, UPS / Stabilizers / Batteries and Earthing & Lightning Protection System to Industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Polar Technical Service division has a fully qualified and highly experienced team who are passionate about their trade. We believe that our strength lies in the comprehensive nature of the service we offer our customers. Without compromising on quality, Polar Technical Services still manages to guarantee realistic prices, making the company a viable option for any potential partners.

Whether you are looking for services for your existing structure or replacement at the most competitive prices, Our Technical Service Division supply your needs.

Our passion is in making, our expertise is in engineering. From startups to Fortune 500s, we consult on product testing and design for mass production.

LV Panel Boards Supply & Installation

Metal Enclosure Supply

Testing & Commissioning

Retrofit & Refurbishments

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Electrical Cable Works

PLC / SCADA / Industrial Automation

Pump & Control Panels,

UPS / Stabilizers / Batteries

Earthing & Lightning Protection System