Generator Control Panels

Generator Control Panels

  • Type tested and compliant with IEC 61439-1
  • Load manager, power reverse protection, earth fault, field lost control, auto-manual synchronization, dual volt meter, dual frequency meter all comes in one panel.
  • Integrated with PLC logic and microprocessor based relays.
  • Designed for both withdrawable and fixed versions
  • Electrical distribution by using Schneider Electric components like MCCB & ACBs.
  • Integrated electrical governor system with the differences in Voltage, frequency and phase angle set.
  • High performance, high safety and long lasting installation
    by design.
  • Hooter-alarm annunciation for fail to start.
  • Test switch Controls for Healthy start and stop.
  • Total integrated solution from one source


  • Auto mains failure detection
  • Generator auto start/stop
  • Generator and bus voltage monitoring
  • Frequency monitoring
  • Reverse power relay trip protection
  • Auto load sharing
  • Alarm annunciation
  • Remote operation and monitoring
  • High level safety and reliability
  • Microprocessor based relay or PLC control for logic built-up.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Hospitals
  • Water Treatment
  • Industries
  • Pumping Stations
  • Aviation
  • Infrastructure
  • Rental Services

Generator Control Panel