Step Down Transformer

Step Down Transformer

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We supply Three Phase step down Transformer and Single Phase Step Down Transformer in Qatar

10KVA, 12KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA 25KVA, 30KVA, 50KVA 100KVA Step Down Transformers

We are the leading Step down transformer supplier in Qatar, the step down transformers intended to reduce the electrical voltage. Its steps down the voltage applied to it. A step-down transformer is needed to use a 110v product in a country with a 220v supply. The electrical transformer is made from two or more coils of insulated wire wound around a core made of iron. When voltage is applied to one coil (frequently called the primary or input) it magnetizes the iron core, which induces a voltage in the other coil, (frequently called the secondary or output). The turns ratio of the two sets of windings determines the amount of voltage transformation.

A step down transformer can be considered voltage ratio device or voltage regulators. A practical application of this 2 to 1 turns ratio would be a 480 to 240 voltage step down 415 to 220 Voltage 400 to 200 Voltage 415 to 200V. The ratio between input and output voltage will stay constant. Transformers should not be operated at voltages higher than the nameplate rating, but may be operated at lower voltages than rated. Because of this it is possible to do some non-standard applications using standard transformers.

Most of the United States and Japan machineries and electrical equipment’s imported in Qatar requires 110V, 200V, 220V Three Phase step down transformer qatar

Product Datasheet

1 Model PSTS-25KVA
2 Rated capacity 10KVA, 12KVA 15KVA, 20KVA, 25KVA, 50KVA, 100KVA etc…
3 Input Phase three phase 3P+N+G
Voltage 415V
Frequency 50/60HZ
4 Output Phase three phase 3P+N+G
Voltage 200V, 220V…
Frequency 50/60HZ
5 Output Current Rated current 72A Long term load current 57A
6 Material Aluminum wire or copper wire
7 Core material Treasure iron 470
8 Load capacity 0.8
9 efficiency ≥97.5%
10  no-load loss ≤75W
11  no-load current ≤2A
12  load loss ≤320W
13 Voltage accuracy ≤2%
14 dielectric strength 3000V 15 mA 60S
15 insulation resistance Apply dc 500V≥100 megohm
16 insulation grade F
17 type of cooling Natural cooling (plus air cooling)
18 Transformer connection mode Y
19  impedance voltage ≤4%
20 The noise sound ≤60db(at 1 m)
21 Temperature rise ≤100K(AF)
22 Dimensions mm and weight 480x330x500mm,Weight : 85KG (aluminum) 103KG (copper)
23 panel display Output voltage, working indicator light

Step Down Transformer

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