chemical earthing

Earthing ChemicalsWe are the supplier of Chemical Earthing. Our earthling chemical is the most reliable chemicals for any electrical grounding installation to avoid surge dangers associated with fault currents. Our chemical earthing is used when soil conditions leave a less than acceptable conductivity for safety. We supply the following earthing chemicals to protect valued equipments and lives against dangerous touch voltage as per IEEE 80 2000 Clause 14.5


  • Ionic chemicals– Salts creates ions for easy conduction
  • Dispersion chemicals– Spreads the salts equally in the earth pit
  • Expansion chemicals– Expands 18 to 20 times and removes entrapped air to create strong connection between rod and soil
  • Diffusion chemicals– Diffuses into soil pores and creates conductive silicate roots enlarging conductive zone of earth pit
  • Hygroscopic chemicals– Absorbs atmospheric & surrounding moisture and retain it in the soil

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